4.2 Slide Show Program:


Setup & Uninstall :


Program can be installed with three simple steps. User can select saving a backup of registry in case something can go wrong.


 Shell Extension :


Extensions on Windows Explorer allows user to click on a picture file and/or a folder to open Slide Show program with files which are selected and exist on folder and sub folders. Shell extensions are compatible with All x64 and x86 windows operating systems.

All selected Pictures will be showed in screen blow, user can click one  of them to see that picture with its true size. Also with “Slide Show For All of Pictures” button it is possible to open all in Slide Show program.


In slide show program it is possible to open pictures, delete/save a picture. Starting/Stopping slide show and setting time is possible too. Program allows to zooming and opening file in Full Screen too.




Full Screen :